Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

Solidarity Statement with Black Lives Matter

NASSLEO is comprised of dedicated educators, law enforcement and security directors and officers, as well as other professionals that share the common goal of protecting our students, staff and physical assets. NASSLEO stands with our community.

NASSLEO stands with our partners in student health and safety, the social workers, child youth worker, mental heath workers, school nurses, the parents, and all the school custodial and administration staff of our community.

NASSLEO unequivocally stands and supports the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and too many others, as they face pain and suffering in a country and a world in which racism and injustice have continued for far too long.

We recognize the historically complex nature between law enforcement and the public that cross over onto the school communities and we aim to continue and strengthen our roles in providing the best and safest environment for our children to learn in.

NASSLEO was founded in 1979 and remains the oldest international school safety organization servicing our K-12 communities, and remains committed to inclusiveness, respect, safety, and social justice. The NASSLEO board of directors, regional directors, and members are a reflection of those values of diversity and inclusiveness.

NASSLEO recognizes the challenges ahead, is committed to leading the future of school safety together with our communities. Keep Kids Safe.


Welcome to the National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officials (NASSLEO) web site. NASSLEO is the oldest organization of its type; celebrating our 48th annual conference. We are dedicated to providing professional information, training and other resources available to school districts, charter schools, private educational institutions and law enforcement agencies across the nation and Canada. NASSLEO is a non-profit, membership-funded organization that is here for anyone, even non-members who need information or assistance on keeping our schools safe.

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NASSLEO is devoted to a safe learning environment for the K-12 educational systems. We provide best practices, networking capabilities and professional development for our national and international membership.


The National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officials (NASSLEO) provides unmatched levels of resources to ensure continuous growth for school safety leaders, administrators and managers.

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